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      <pt ns="6" title="File:Black Hole Sun-Greatest hits.jpeg" timestamp="2019-03-30T09:51:35Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Black Hole Sun.jpg" timestamp="2019-01-27T12:51:17Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Various Artists" timestamp="2018-12-26T21:22:27Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Download.jpg" timestamp="2018-12-21T22:17:35Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Fraggle Rock:Music Box" timestamp="2018-12-20T07:37:15Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Alexander Peterson" timestamp="2018-11-07T21:40:36Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Black Hole Sun.jpeg" timestamp="2018-11-04T20:02:56Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Defrtgynh" timestamp="2018-11-03T06:05:19Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Black Hole Sun: Lodi" timestamp="2018-11-01T08:14:04Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Capa.jpg" timestamp="2018-10-31T21:18:26Z" level="sysop" />
    <protectedtitles ptstart="2018-10-27T16:44:26Z" />