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<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <filter id="1" description="Vandalism" />
      <filter id="2" description="Large Removal" />
      <filter id="3" description="User blog comment Spamfilter" />
      <filter id="4" description="User blog comment Spamfilter 2" />
      <filter id="5" description="disable uploads without summary" />
      <filter id="6" description="prevent pages with URL in song pagename" pattern="substr(article_text, 0, 30) == &quot;Va - Www.Musicasparabaixar.Org&quot;" />
      <filter id="7" description="&quot;cloud cars&quot;/&quot;old die young&quot; spamming" />
      <filter id="8" description="&quot;remastered&quot; in pagename" />
      <filter id="9" description="misnamed songpage ([[LW:PN]])" />
      <filter id="10" description="Musica filter" pattern="article_text = &quot;Música&quot;" />
    <abusefilters abfstartid="11" />