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    <allpages gapfrom="Re-Constriction&#039;s 10* Year Anniversary CD (1996)" />
      <page pageid="680417" ns="0" title="Re">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{stub|artist}}
|star      = Green
|homepage  = 
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|wikipedia = 
|country   = United States
|state     = Georgia
|hometown  = Atlanta

==Other Songs==
# '''[[Re:Alright|Alright]]'''
# '''[[Re:Shake It|Shake It]]'''

{{Genres|Hip Hop}}

|fLetter     = R
|asin        = B001LHBYGK
|iTunes      = 250927638
|allmusic    = mn0002313982
|discogs     = 
|musicbrainz = cf877bef-48cd-4209-9757-fd572a9ba730
|spotify     = 4lXkb7oZUcQ5YGc43FxCqa
|youtube     = 
      <page pageid="4491681" ns="0" title="Re-Birth Riddim (2003)">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{AlbumHeader
|artist    = various artists
|album     = Re-Birth Riddim
|type      = compilation
|genre     = Reggae
|length    = 74:38
|cover     = Re-Birth Riddim.jpg
|wikipedia = 
|star      = Green

# '''[[Sizzla:Got To Live|Got to Live]]''' by [[Sizzla]]
# '''[[Wayne Marshall:Hot In Da Club|Hot in da Club]]''' by [[Wayne Marshall]]
# '''[[Elephant Man &amp; Kip Rich:The Pain|The Pain]]''' by [[Elephant Man &amp; Kip Rich]]
# '''[[Brian &amp; Tony Gold:Have Fun Today|Have Fun Today]]''' by [[Brian &amp; Tony Gold]]
# '''[[Gregg Hinds &amp; Briggy Benz:Shake Up|Shake Up]]''' by [[Gregg Hinds &amp; Briggy Benz]]
# '''[[Bounty Killer:Gal Fi Get Score|Gal Fi Get Score]]''' by [[Bounty Killer]]
# '''[[Assassin:Dem Bad Mind|Dem Bad Mind]]''' by [[Assassin (JM)|Assassin]]
# '''[[Kid Kurup:Shani|Shani]]''' by [[Kid Kurup]]
# '''[[Spragga Benz:Look Good|Look Good]]''' by [[Spragga Benz]]
# '''[[Lukie O:Mighty Fine|Mighty Fine]]''' by [[Lukie O]]
# '''[[Bling Dawg:Have We Own|Have We Own]]''' by [[Bling Dawg]]
# '''[[Tanya Stephens:Just Work It|Just Work It]]''' by [[Tanya Stephens]]
# '''[[Sean Paul:Close To Me|Close to Me]]''' by [[Sean Paul]]
# '''[[Ward 21:Run The Business|Run the Business]]''' by [[Ward 21]]
# '''[[Looga Man:Mi Get|Mi Get]]''' by [[Looga Man]]
# '''[[Vybz Kartal:Buss It Off|Buss It Off]]''' by [[Vybz Kartal]]
# '''[[T.O.K.:Nuff Ruff Like We|Nuff Ruff Like We]]''' by [[T.O.K.]]
# '''[[Wayne Wonder &amp; Demolition:Baby I Need You|Baby I Need You]]''' by [[Wayne Wonder &amp; Demolition]]
# '''[[Ce'Cile:Can't Test|Can't Test]]''' by [[Ce'cile]]
# '''[[Various Artists:Re-Birth Version|Re-Birth Version]]'''

|fLetter     = R
|asin        = B00013YQJM
|iTunes      = 110986315
|allmusic    = mw0000324780
|discogs     = release/2080010
|musicbrainz = release-group/1b5cad84-05e1-3787-bb73-4080ab209f52
|spotify     = 6hj5XJcyV5boHcznzBs6Cn